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A Real Garcinia Success story

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Let me take a bit of my time to tell the world about my experience since I acquired one of your products six weeks ago. You can actually post this testimonial if you want to. Here is the side of my story.

As a single mother, I have been struggling with my weight for the most part of my life. I have two sons, Sebastian who is 6 and chandler who is 4 years old. Because of my excessive weight, I have had trouble going out on a date. Since I am a big fan of Dr OZ’s show, and when he recommended the garcinia cambogia, I knew right away that I had to try it.

At first, I was skeptical, just like anyone else would. But then I figured out that if it was good for him, then it would probably be good for me as well. So I did a number of online searches and stumbled upon your website. I read more about the garcinia cambogia and I was like “what the heck, why not give this Garcinia Pure a try?” After all, it came with a 60-day refund money that was guaranteed. So what was the worst thing that could have happened? I went ahead and ordered a 2-month supply; it was delivered to my house within 3 business days.

In the first 2 weeks, I witnessed a great sum of weight loss. In the two weeks, I lost about 6.3 pounds. When I went for check up, my doctor said to me that my body was losing a lot of excessive water weight. Despite his observation, I knew that I was burning some fats as well. One change that I really discerned was the great amount of increased energy. Before Garcinia Pure, I used to crash by 3pm. However, after taking the Garcinia Pure, I could actually function for extra hours. To make it better, I could work until late and I was not able to go to bed early like I did before.

For the two weeks that followed, I ramped up on my exercise and diet. After that, my weight kind of leveled a bit. In those two weeks, I lost just 4.9 pounds. I also noticed that my stomach became slightly trimmer, which had been my main problem. My diet and exercise became healthier, and I had much more energy. At the same time, my cravings reduced a great deal. Because of this, my consumption of unhealthy snack foods reduced too – this had plagued me for a very long time.

In the next two weeks, I lost 4.7 more pounds. This brought my weight loss to a total of 15.9 pounds, which was roughly 2.65 weekly. My doctor said that this was a good rate of losing weight, and that if I should continue with the same path, then my goal would be achieved in the next 6 weeks. If I were to list the benefits of your product, I would say that it helped me: increase energy; lose weight; reduce my appetite; lowered my BP; improved the digestive system; and reduced my cravings.

I am very grateful that I tried Garcinia Pure, and I will be mobilizing my family and friends to try it too. Now I hope that as soon as I achieve my goal, I will be able to go out on dates again – and even find a man. Thank you very much.

Swardson Elaina
Bloomington Newyork

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